Principal Message

Principal Message

I congratulate and well come you people by selecting such a noble profession. Dentistry like other medical sciences is a branch of medicine which is further having multiple branches for specialization.  As evaluation the scope of dentistry is increased in developed countries. It is on top of the list of medical sciences to choose a career.

So again accept my heartily welcome by choosing this subject as your life long career. IDC is just beginning of the dentistry and within few years you will find many branches of dentistry available for specialization.

As a principal I see the future of dentistry very bright because the authorities are very keen and impatient to make it model and top ranking college not only of Pakistan rather at par with most developed countries.

We are working hard at the very beginning to equip this college with the most modern equipment and material. So that if any of you goes to any part of the globe will find no difficulty.

Beside academic, we are also providing them the facilities for extracurricular activities. For example, games for their health, speeches, musharia and other healthy activities.

To make them leaders of the future, and also encourage to work independently, we also give full attention to their morality, so that they become healthy part of the society and trend setter for the rest of the nation. May Allah succeed us in all these efforts.

Dr. Asad-ul-lah Khan Niazi


Muhammed Islam
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Principal Message

I congratulate and well come you by selecting such a noble profession. ...    read more